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The Session logoFebruary's Firday Session is about "Snowed in" and is hosted by The Brew Site

While studying Brewing Technology at the Technical University in Berlin in 2004 I still owned a car. So every year for Christmas I drove down to Augsburg from Berlin. This usually was a pretty straightforward 5-hour drive on the German autobahn. There is one thing you must know about German autobahn: There are no speed limits except for some short parts here and there. You basically drive as fast as the traffic allows and as fast as your car can go. In my case this was about 170 km/h.

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Fürsten Hell Original - Wallersteiner Hell - a baverian speciality

Malty in the beginning, hoppy at the end, this traditionally brewed "Fürst Wallerstein Hell" (hell is Germany for bright / light) is a beer for the evening.

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