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Lautering is described as "a process in brewing beer in which the mash is separated into the clear liquid wort and the residual grain". That's what we do at Lautering: we separate high quality beers from the average by writing high quality reviews of beers from microbreweries and small craft breweries from continental Europe - and of course from the rest of the world.


Stone Brewing

Brewery: Stone Brewing
Brewery Type:

Coppersmith's Brewery

Brewery Type:

Orca Brau

Brewery: Orca Brau
Brewery Type:

Vallilan Panimo

Ö Brewing

Brewery: Ö Brewing
Brewery Type:

UG Brewery (United Gypsies Brewery)

NP Brewers

Brewery: NP Brewers
Brewery Type:


Brewery: Jacobstads
Brewery Type:

Kaleva Brewing Company

Il Birrificio

Brewery: Il Birrificio
Brewery Type:

Iso-Kallan Panimo

Ice Beaver

Brewery: Ice Beaver
Brewery Type:

Honkajoen Panimo

Humalove Brewing

Hailuodon Panimo


Brewery: Hatebrew
Brewery Type:

High Time Brewing

Gastropub Tuulensuu

Fiskarsin Panimo

Finn Spring

Brewery: Finn Spring
Brewery Type:

Finlandia Sahti

Espoon Oma Panimo

F. Sergejeffin Olut-tehdas Osakeyhtiö

Eiran Juomat

Brewery: Eiran Juomat
Brewery Type:

Bryggeri Helsinki


Truly a king under the Mochaccinos of beer
Rated10.00 / 10

There are those days. You open a bottle of beer and it is sour. Happened to me with a Hiisi with its best before date still some days to go. (happens to me with other bottled beers from micro breweries rather often actually).