Comparison of studying brewing in Germany

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In the old days it wasn’t even not enough to have just a brew master to sign off, you also must have had the right granted by the authorities to brew at a specific place, it was called the "brew right". It was not possible to just open a brewery somewhere, only at places with "brew right" you where able to brew…

There are 4 different places in Germany where you can learn more about Brewing:

Ferdinand von Steinbeis Schule
Weihenstephan / TU München
VLB / TU Berlin
For TU Berlin you could also check the TU Brauwesen Website

Differing between brew masters and brew masters from the university is probably not enough. We also have to differ between brew masters, brew masters from the university, the brewing engineers (biotechnology with emphasis on brewing) from the University, and the PhD engineers. You can actually have some kind of PhD in brewing science.

Brew master
Brew masters courses are held at the Doemens academy, the Ferdinand Steinbeis Schule and at the VLB. Brew masters are certified by the Handwerkskammer (Chamber of Crafts).
They are qualified for the middle technical management of industry breweries or the leadership of a small or middle size brewery.

Dipl. Brew master (Bachelor of Science)
To become a Dipl. Brew masters you have to study at a Technical University (TU). The duration of study is about 2 to 2 ½ years (originally 4 semesters). Dipl. Brew masters work at the middle technical management of industry breweries, at the quality assurance, quality management or micro biological laboratory of middle / industry breweries. Many Dipl. Brew masters also work in the supply industry.

Dipl. Engineer (Master of Science)
This is the more advanced study course at the TU. Dipl.-Ings. have to study for about 4 to 6 years (originally 8 semesters). They could work in many different positions but you can find them mostly in planning, development and management.

PhD is mostly about research. You are able to show that you can run research on scientific topics on your own. PhDs work in different positions. They are cto (chief technology officer) of industry breweries; they are the chief of the micro biological laboratory. If you are keen enough you can become a Professor at the end of your career.

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