200th anniversary of the Munich Oktoberfest – its time to celebrate

This year we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the famous Munich Oktoberfest. For 16 days, From the 17th of September to the 4th of October, Munich is the place to be. Each Munich brewery has a tent where their special Oktoberfest-beer is available:

  • Augustinerbräu (Augustinerzelt)
  • Hackerbräu (Hackerzelt) The Hacker brewery belongs to Paulaner
  • Löwenbräu (Löwenbräuzelt)
  • Paulanerbrauerei (Winzerer Fähndl)
  • Pschorrbräu (Bräurosl) The Pschorr brewery belongs to Paulaner
  • Spatenbräu (Ochsenbraterei) The Spaten brewery belongs to Löwenbräu

trong>The beer
The Oktoberfest-beer is a special one. It is stronger in alcohol as it has to survive the long hot summer before it is available to the public in October. It is mostly characterized as a malty and hopy bottom fermented stronger helles / lager with an average abv. Of 6.3% alc. Some breweries make the Oktoberfest-beer even available in 0,5 liter bottles. Check the beer list if there are already Oktoberfest-beers listed

The first Oktoberfest was held in 1810 for 5 days to celebrate the marriage of crown prince Ludwig (later on know as King Ludwig I) and princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. Later on a horse race was held. In honor to the princess the place was later called „Theresienwiese“.

The anniversary isn't actually the 200th. It is the 177th. Due to epidemics and war 24 „Wiesn“ weren't held.


As it is the 200th I suggest to reserve a bench prior the event. You can check the website of the city Munich at http://www.muenchen.de/Tourismus/Oktoberfest/Festzelte/227646/index.html for contact details of the tents.

Additional infos about the Oktoberfest can be found on Wikipedia.

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The Oktoberfest isn't that

The Oktoberfest isn't that good anymore. The prices are too high. I haven't been there for 3 years. But the 200th anniversary is a must, isn't it?

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No, I won't. Its more about

No, I won't. Its more about quantity than quality. What doesn't meen that the beers are good.

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How is the beer served at the Wiesn? I have read that the Augustiner tents serve the beer by gravity by "bayrischen Anstich" from wooden barrels. I don't know about the others. Do they use CO2 pressure?

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The Augustiner Bräu is the

The Augustiner Bräu is the only brewery which served from wooden barrels in 2001, all others had big containers outside the tent. I don't know about the present...

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I wish I was there this time

I wish I was there this time but unfortunately couldnt make it. I was hoping to go for the Munich Christmas markets then and that didnt work out either. Will need to plan my Munich city breaks agains.