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My next appointment at the Brau brings me from Brumas to JS Maschinen. The mid-sized company from Bergen/Wang (near Munich) have been selling, producing and repairing machines and appliances for the brewing industry for the last 16 years.

When I arrive at the stand, there is lot going on. The junior manager refers me to the director of the company and soon the discussion is underway.

The director, Julius Stampfer, starts by recounting the - Blog - JS Maschinen Filler H4
of his company: "The company was started because of one incident – job cuts in the company I was working for as the Technical Operations Director. You have to wait 5 years till you can apply for a similar position". During this time he decided to start selling machinery: "In the beginning we were changing and improving the controls as well as making other adjustments. Today our own product development is our priority; that’s why we are presenting the manual filler H4 here at the Brau. It is manufactured in small series and is very popular on the market." - Blog - JS Maschinen - Bottler
According to Julius Stampfer, the strengths of his company are its high flexibility and the implementation of customer wishes. For the senior manager customer focus is extremely important: "If something is not ok at any of our customer’s establishment, it gets the highest priority. In that case we will leave other things on the backburner – because if the customer is not making any profit because his machines are out of order, we won’t make any profit either."

As it turns out, the name of the company JS Maschinen came from Julius Stampfer himself, and is based on his initials. For me, a business for which the director is willing to vouch for with his own name comes across as a congenial company. I thank the director for the interview and make my leave to my next appointment.

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What a lovely article, sounds

What a lovely article, sounds like this company really cares for its customers! Thanks for posting the interview.

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Thanks for writing this

Thanks for writing this article. We are planing to buy a filler and we now consider JS.