Taking a walk at the Biermeile in Berlin

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Travelling to Berlin is kind of fun. I entered the ICE train in Ingolstadtat 8:14 o'clock and arrived at Berlin central station at 13:35. This time I got the seat right behind the driver. It was amazing to enjoy the ICE3's high speed from this place.

My wife and our friends picked me up from the station and we enjoyed some Thai food before starting the beer tastings or, as my friend put it: "you have to build a good ground for the beer".

An hour later - we had to drop the luggage first - we entered the Biermeile (International Beer festival Berlin) at the U-Bahn (metro) station Strausberger Platz. Even though it was only around 4 pm, it was already crowded and so it took us quite some time to make our way up to the official Biermeile booth to buy a "probier" (German pun meaning both "tasting" and "pro-beer") mug.

The "probier" mug was really cool. Many breweries sold their beers at a special price if you came around with the "probier" mug. As this mug was only 0.2 l big you could try many different beers; which we did.

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We had beers from Apolda, Augustiner, Guiness, and several other breweries.

Four hours later we made our way back to the U-Bahn station Strausberger Platz, entered the metro to Alexanderplatz and then the city train to Warschauer Straße. There we relaxed from the walking up and down at the Biermeile by lying in canvas deck chairs, drinking mate tea and talking about how much Berlin has changed in 5 years.

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