Designing a brewery logo - an insight

The Friday Session LogoThis is the first time I'm taking part in the Friday Session which is hosted by Hop Head Said this month, September 2011.

When I drink a beer I always look at the label to check the
design and especially the logo. Nothing reflects a company more than their logo. Think about Nike or Coca Cola or McDonalds. They are big brands showing their logo wherever they can. Every kid knows them. On the other hand: kids are unable to name trees based on pictures of their leaves.

Branding is probably one of the most important things for a growing company. Your company will be bound to its brand for a long time unless you want to spent money year after year on rebranding. Usually, your brand is build around your logo. If you get your logo done exactly right in the first round it will save you a lot of time and of course money later on. - Blog - Clanconnel Brewing Company logo sketch

Stencil please

When I designed the logo for the Clanconnel Brewing Company I started with a sketch for each of the 3-4 versions drawn with a pencil. This makes it easy for me to correct things in the early stage. Designing different versions in the beginning - exploring different ideas - gives the customer the value of choice. It also gives the customer an idea where it could head to at the end. This stage is very important as all other stages will depend on it. - Blog - Clanconnel Brewing Company logo onecoloure

Black on White

From my point of view a logo must first work in black on white. It is also very convenient for embroidery or flex printing. Think about business cards with embossing. There are several ways a one coloured logo will do a great job.


Colours are about feelings. If you think about red you will also think about love, passion, heat and other attributes you combine with it. This also depends on the background you come from. Red will mean something different for an Irish man than to someone from India. From a professional point of view you should know for whom your label will be designed and who your customers’ customer is. But colour is also something personal. That’s why I do a colour swatch. - Blog - Clanconnel Brewing Company ready logoYou also have to keep in mind that the colours chosen on a non-calibrated screen will never look the same after you get the final products with your logo on them from the printing company. Similarly, they will look different if you print them with your ink- or laser printer.

Once the colour settings are chosen the logo gets coloured further. It’s now mostly about details. This is sometimes the hardest part.

The whole process is a kind of ping pong sending files back and forth, keeping the brewery owner as close as possible. I always keep in mind that she/he has to live with the logo for a long time.

From logo to label

Once you are done with the logo it is only a short step towards a label. It’s mostly up to your customers. The process of developing it is nearly the same as for a logo. You could probably overstep the black on white step. - Blog -


Your logo will show up on many places from letter head to the labels. It will most likely be printed hundreds of thousands of times. At best, your company will be recognized by it instantaneously. Therefore it's essential for both the brewery owner as well as the designer to really dig deep into what makes this company, this brand what it is and use the required amount of time and money to make sure that the logo is not just ok, but just right.

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I am a graphic artist and a homebrew label designer. I enjoyed your tips and I am sure other Session bloggers will as well. After the rush today I am looking forward to reading more of your stuff.

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I just drank my Clanconnel

I just drank my Clanconnel beers tonight and writing up a blog post tomorrow about it, will link in to this!

Interestingly I can actually tell better from the black and white what its supposed to be! Is there a story behind it? What species of duck is it?

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Yes. there is a story. The

Yes. there is a story. The duck is a crested crane. As far as I remember the crane is the coat of arms animal of the city / location the brewery is located at.