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The Kernel Brewery, London, had its 2nd anniversary on the 16th of September 2011. It’s time to make them the featured brewery of the month and ask Evin, the head brewer, some questions.

Nick: Where does the name Kernel come from?

Evin: From the basic building blocks of beer, the barley kernel.

Nick: I see. That’s somehow obvious. I think it’s a good name for brewery. How many people are involved in getting the beer out to the customers? What are their occupations?

Evin: 4 full time and 2 part time. We all do a bit of everything: Brewing, bottling, labelling, delivering, retailing, cleaning.

Nick: That’s cool. Everyone learns everything. I like that style of business. What was your first brewed beer and what did you think about it?

Evin: Simple 5% Pale Ale (just pale malt) and single hopped with Centennial. Amazing beer. It is still good 2 years later. I am a big fan of simplicity in recipes. The simpler the better, keep the beer clean, and the flavours distinct.

Nick: I agree. Using too many different hops no one could distinguish in the end might not help the product. I have noticed you are brewing many different IPAs. Could you tell a little about your IPAs?

Evin: Our IPAs are created to allow the hops to shine through. Most of them are single hopped, to give the complete effect of one type of hop, in its intensity. Again, simplicity.

Nick: Yes, simplicity. Like your website. Btw. I'd like your list of stockist you have at your website, even an online shop. What do you think about selling beers online?

Evin: I've attached a list of stockists. The only place we sell our beer online is through

Nick: You are stating at your website that you are part of the London brewers alliance. What is this alliance about?

Evin: The London Brewers' Alliance is a) a way for us London Brewers to enjoy each other’s company, have a beer together, learn something from each other, and b) a way for us to promote London and London beer collectively, which is far more powerful than us trying to do it individually. As a community, we have greater strength.

Nick: What are your plans for the future?

Evin: Make more good and better beer.

Nick:Thank you very much

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Picture by Trevorturk@Flickr - CC

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