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If you have been reading the reviews you might have noticed that we have changed some things. Some of the changes have been planned for a long period of time and others we just jumped into.

The first thing we changed was the 5 star rating. Let's face it, a 5 star system doesn't give that much opportunity to rate a beer. Therefore we brought up a 10 star system like for example IMDB uses. All older values where recalculated. We think that the 10 star system will sooner or later become the standard in beer rating. Numbers or local school grade systems are of no use if the system is used globally, whereas the 10 star system is known world wide.

Only one review per person per beer is now possible. You can still write several reviews about a beer, but only the last one will go into the total rating seen on the beers page.

All beers can now be reviewed externally. If you are a review writer but you don't want to use the system you can still publish your reviews at the beers external page. Check the beer page and its corresponding external review page. Get an account and add your reviews. Please be advised that we don't accept links to beer rating portals. - Blog - Beer Tasting chart - Radar diagram

The most important improvement, which we could think of, was done to the review pages. We have added a radar diagram to each review. Check a review to see the diagram. The values come from the beer flavor wheel and give the reader a fast overview how the beer will taste / smell. Together with the other information about the beer the reader can get a good impression about the reviewed beer.

There are still some improvements to be made. Comments are welcome!

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Interesting. Have to link my

Interesting. Have to link my reviews for the beers I reviewed so far.

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why do you think that the 10

why do you think that the 10 star system is better than the 5 star? Ratebeer is using it for long.

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External reviews sounds kinda

External reviews sounds kinda weird. Who would add reviews to your site? From my point of view it is useless. No other site does this.

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The radar charts are awesome.

The radar charts are awesome. How can I get a radar chart of the beers I like?

HB: external reviews could help to build link lists.

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@Mike: thank you. took a long

@Mike: thank you. took a long time to code. We are looking into some improvements on the creation side.

@HB: some already adding their reviews. It's the best way to build link lists and someone could find which beers are really drunk and which got pushed. Just klicking some numbers is one thing, writing a real review is something different.

@Rusty: 10 stars are more flexible. It is easier to distinguish between good beers. The range is wider and the middle is far easier to show.

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great work, can we use the

great work, can we use the radard iagramms for our brewery? It's the thing I'm lookin for since long

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appreciated. this is very

appreciated. this is very unique. Came across it from the beer bloggers group.