Session #59: I Almost Always Drink Beer, But When I Don’t - Blog - Januaries Friday session is about „I Almost Always Drink Beer, But When I Don’t ...„ Though what am I doing when I'm not drinking beer? Good question! Working? No serious. I'm mostly into beer, but I also enjoy cocktails, especially Cuba Libre or Mochito.

From the last trip to Cuba we brought some different rums with us. We have always been talking about making a Cuba party but never found the time to do. Perhaps this could be a new years resolution.

In Cuba we visited the Havana club distillery. Kind of interesting to see the whole process and how a entire industry is bound to sugar and the sugar cane. In Europe Havana Club is produced by Perno Ricard. In the USA the trademark “Havana club” is owned by Bacardi.

But there are some more interesting drinks than rum you might enjoy in Cuba. One is called Canchanchara. It's a mixture of Aguardiente, lime juice and honey. It's very sweat and delicious. If you ever visit Trinidad you have to check it out. The other one is called Garapa. It's fresh sugar cane juice which must be drunken with care. Because of its high sugar content it is an ideal media for all kind of microorganisms.

Cuba has its own beer. The November issue of the Institute of Brewing & Distilling brought a feature about the Cuban brewing industry, especially about Cerveceria Bucanero. Btw, Bucanero is available in Europe and is called Cubanero. The one and only micro brewery is located in Havana and is most of the time full of tourists.

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