Session #62 - What Drives Beer Bloggers? - Blog - It's session no. 62. This time hosted by Brewpublic. The topic is about „What drives beer bloggers“. My first intuitive answer was: „Beer of course!“. But this is probably the obvioust of it all. With the question in mind I poured a beer from my stash and started to contemplate and stayed at it for a long time, a very long time.

As time and another good beer passed by my intuitive answer was still there and actually nothing else. I digged deeper and many topics made their way into my mind, like „more readers“, „supporting the craft beer scene“, „showing off taste and variety“. But nothing was that strong as the thought of a second beer helping me to achive even deeper thoughts or even the hindsight I hoped to catch.

Instead of the answers needed, I got more questions, like „how high should the posting frequency be“, „are twitter and facebook still necessary“, „why da hack is the European bloggers conference in the middle of nowhere“ and so on. Puzzling myself with all that questions and no answers at all I opened my last beer.

I held the full glass against the light and looked at the golden liquid with the white fluffy foam. While looking at the glare I found that writing a beer blog is about describing the most beautiful alcoholic beverages with the most beautiful words available. It's about transforming one thing into another without loosing its density. It's about the passion of enjoying quality beer and telling everyone who likes to read it about my experience.

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