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Since early June 2014 has been in the stage of upgrade. Lautering runs on Drupal and due to Drupals release livecycle of about 3 to 4 years the end of life for the current release has come near. Even if the life cycle will be extend the software itself will still be outdated. Upgrading a huge site like Lautering comes with a lot of do's and don'ts. The detailed upgrade procedure will be online soon at

On Lauterring we are now focusing on professional reviews. Professional means that we value certain aspects of a beer. How's the smell – is it pure – or do you smell off flavours? What about the bitterness – is it bitter? What about the quality of the bitterness, is it bitter because of autolysis or bitter because of the hops? Those are just a few examples of what will be about: professional beer reviews.

Everyone who believes they're up for the task and creates an account at Lautering can apply as reviewer.

Lautering has a huge database of beers and breweries. Where all the information is still available the directory listing is now limited to 40 entries to keep things clearer. The limit is regardless of used filters, sorting, etc. But you can still look for anything in the whole database by using the search!

The knowledge database is gone. Most of the knowledge database was about the studies at the VLB Berlin. As far as we know this material is to some extend outdated. The bachelor and master programs have changed since 2005. It makes no sense to keep it online. If you are still interested in this material you can contact us though.

Some other features, like for example the „I like this beer“ button are not yet up and running. They will be online within the next couple of days. So stay tuned!

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great work

appreciate your work. But some functions are not yet working. When will the members list up again?