The usage of Biogas in Breweries

Some time ago I was in Ireland to introduce friends of mine to Biogas. I also tried to reach out to Culan from the White Gypsy brewery, but he didn't have any time at that time. Since then the research has gone on and some articles were realeased that covered the usege of brewery spent grains (BSG). One of them seemed to be very promising as it came from the Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan. There system is called Enbaferm

They claim that 50% of the fossil fules needed for brewing beer could come from organic waste materials, materials that were derived from the brewing process. While 50% seems like not that much, it actually is. Means that we are half way there to get rid of fossile fuels for brewing beer. Inevitably at one point it needs to be 100%. Perhaps Wind and PV need to play a role as well. Think about a beer 100% brewed with renewable energy and also from their own organic waste products. Wouldn't that be cool? 

A friend of mine speculated about the usage of Biogas in wine production. And perhaps this time it is not the brewing szene that leads the way but the wine makers. We will see. Good point is that the start thinking about alternative energies and how they could use their own organic waste by-products to produce energy. 

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