June 2017 Friday Session: Late, Lamented Loves

The Friday Session - The beer blogging Friday logoOh yes, this month, June, Friday session is about Late, Lamented Love - hosted by All the brews fit to pint. I first thought: Heck no, lamented love? What's that? So I sat back and thought a little longer. In 2001 I started my studies at the VLB Berlin. On the first day I set with my first 2 colleagues, Daniel and Urs, in front of a small beer shop. My two friends drank a lot of beer, a lot. When I started my studies I never intended to be a quantity drinker, but a quality drinker (which I'm still). The second day passed, and after Prof. Szewzyk's Biology lecture all from the Master Brewer course came together at the Cafe Hardenberg. We drank some beers. Everyone was having a good time.

After weeks of visiting the different lectures with all the colleagues it felt a little bit like these Lord of the Rings Fellowship thing. Every other month Prof. Wackerbauer, head of the Brewing department, invited us for a tasting session at the VLB micro brewery. Again we had a great time, we drank a lot of beer and had many chats about many things. One day I got lectured by one of Prof. Wackerbauers doctoral candidates, Andreas Ludwig. I mentioned that the website of the faculty was pretty ugly. Probably a little bit too much for our immobilized yeast specialist. He pretty much freaked out about it. Anyhow, who needs guys that could only press on the ones under him? By the way, on my initiative the Brewing department then switched onto the new Typo3 website. So, all the hassle for nothing. 

I went to less and less of those drinking events and concentrated more on the studies. A lot of lectures were going on. Many I liked (Microbiology / Chemistry) and some I didn't like (Brewing Machinery). So over time I found that biochemistry, microbiology and chemistry were much more interesting than the actual brewing related stuff. Probably that's why I never really worked in the brewing industry after I graduated in 2005. I was fed up with many of those guys, all following the same lifestyles, chewing up the same ideas and principles forever and ever. Things never really change, or? So, I started studying Beverage Technology, which is a postgraduate study offered from TU Berlin. But that study is tied up with the Brewing department. I needed to attend one mandatory lecture - but that lecture was never held. It was a mandatory lecture for me, but actually only for me. Kind of a trap in the study plan. And as Prof. Methner, he became the head of brewing department in the meantime, wouldn't change anything - even if he could - I had to drop out of it. 

While I got from quality to quantity while studying brewing I came back to quality after I graduated. I basically dropped from 100% to 0% and then from there came to less than moderate consumption. After all beer is expensive in Finland and I'm not interested in beer brewed in quantity. So, what has that all to do about the Late, Lamented Love you might ask? It is the price of beer in Germany. The price for a decent Pilsen type beer, not a lager, but a Pils. The availability of a good Hefeweizen. So, yes, this is Late, Lamented Love. Never thought I'd miss the standard German beers, but I do. With all that IPA, APA, PPA and OPP, man: I sometimes want my Weizen back. Just sometimes. :) 

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