A day at the Nokian Panimo

Nokian Panimo "Keisari" brewery

25 years of business is in our fast moving world a long time. And due to this anniversary the Nokian Panimo opened its doors for one day only for guided tours and beer tasting. As I moved to Finland recently this was a good opportunity to start checking out the local brewing scene. So, on a nearly sunny day in September we went to Nokia. Yes, this is a city also, not just a mobile phone brand.

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Tradition won't save you from business failures

A 400 year old tradition of brewing beer will come to an end in 2016. It is the year the Ankerbräu in Nördlingen, Bavaria, Germany, will close its gates. According to a press release the brewery is closing because consumers choice has changed, they building permission restrictions set by the municipal administration, and high pressure from market.

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Quality Checks

At the moment I'm checking the German entries of the breweries. Mostly I'm looking for breweries smaller than microbreweries or pubs where they carries the name "brewery" but no beer is brewed any more. I also made sure that the telephone code is in the correct form (+49(0)...), at some it isn't... I know.

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Must see Brewery Flash Website

When I was adding Breweries, mainly from Finland at the moment, I came across the Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas Brewery. Their website is produced entirely in Flash and is totally interactive. From a website developers point of view a "must see" website. The difficulty with Flash pages is that they are impossible to be indexed and searched by search engines...

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