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At 10 am the fair hall in Nuremberg is still very quiet; the fair opened for industry professionals only an hour ago. Brumas' stand is located in hall 7. Volker Rothbauer, by trade an alumnus of Weihenstephan, is cheerful. You can't notice any signs of stress, even though a trade fair as big as the Brau is not exactly a walk in the park for the exhibitors. I start asking questions and quickly a discussion is in full swing about a product he developed: the BrauEule.

Brumas BrauEule auf der BrauBeviale
In 1991 the penny is dropped: an automatic brewing machine for the hobby brewer is to be developed. The standard was and is high: brewing should be "as easy as making a cup of coffee". However, during the development phase it becomes clear to the inventor that "lautering and fermentation cannot be automated that easily". But even without automating these two processes the actual working hours could be reduced down to one hour; a remarkable saving of time comparing to the six hours one would usually spend with the brew. It took 12 years before the first BrauEule saw the light of day.

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