Seems like Auer Packaging doesn't like small customers

On the 20th of October I got a good quotation from Auer Packaging about their F13 crates. We then ordered some of them. When the proforma invoice came in we realized that we made a mistake, the invoice included the shipping which we didn't need. I send Auer Packaging an e-mail and told them that I'm sorry and asked for an invoice without shipping. On the 27th of October I heard back from Auer that they have sold all their F13 and that there is no new production date in sight.

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Cool Beer names from Swiss brewery

Oh man I tell you something: I have seen hundreds of thousands of brewery websites and I have seen the hole lot of crap you can imagine. Sometimes I think that brewers are just very simple persons which want to just brew their beers and nothing more. They don't care about websites, beer names, nothing what could bother them. On the other hand we got the cool fancy websites and everything fits. And then you come across a Surselva Brewery, a micro brewery from Switzerland which uses Swiss names that just fit.

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Combining a PLC and Krohne Batchflux is pain in the as

Recently we decide to get a Krohne Batchflux, a volumetric sensor counting the litres of beer flown through it. The output of this Batchflux is passive puls which doesn't tell me anything. I contacted Krohne and asked for assistance. The basic questions was if the counter card which could handle frequency input is compatible with the Batchflux. Krohne did confirm but I needed more specific information.

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