The Finnish craft beer scene is alive - and its amazing

Impression from the Finnish Craft Beer Festival - one of the tents

On Wednesday Lumia and I went for the SOPP, the Finnish Small Brewery Festival. We arrived at about 20:00 o'clock and luckily we found Pekka and Tomi waiting in the queue. The queue, actually two of them - where very long. According to Google maps about 120 meters. We found ourselves right in the middle and enjoyed a lovely summer day moving towards the entrance with a speed of approximately 1 meter per minute. Shortly before 21:00 o'clock we got on the red carpet, finally, and after buying a glass for 3 € also inside.

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Tradition won't save you from business failures

A 400 year old tradition of brewing beer will come to an end in 2016. It is the year the Ankerbräu in Nördlingen, Bavaria, Germany, will close its gates. According to a press release the brewery is closing because consumers choice has changed, they building permission restrictions set by the municipal administration, and high pressure from market.

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Schorschbräu wins back title "Strongest beer of the world" - Blog -

The German microbrewery Schorschbräu is known for brewing (every now and then) the strongest beer in the world. It’s been a nip-and-tuck race between the master brewer Georg Tscheuschner and the scottish brewery Brewdog on who gets to hold this much sought after title. After Brewdog tried to rule off the theme with their „The end of History“, Schorschbräu has now countered with the Schorschbräu Schorschbock 57% finis coronat opus.

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