Is Organic Beer Better For Your Health?

When it comes to beer drinkers, it might appear that they aren't thinking about their health when they have their favorite beer in hand. But things really aren't that way, you know that if you enjoy an occasional beer. The trend is to eat healthier and that's everywhere - including Beer. With the new beers on the market, everyone seems to be asking, "is organic beer better for your health?". We'll try to uncover that mystery today.

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The Growing Green Brewery Movement - Kona Brewing

The "green" movement has been seen everywhere, and the beer industry is no exception. There are several notable breweries with green initiatives that have garnered attention already, such as the solar power system being used by Sierra Nevada and MillerCoors. However, there is one company that seems bent on being as green as possible - Kona Brewing Company on the Big Island of Hawaii. While Kona might be headquartered in paradise, that doesn't mean that the company isn't taking steps to keep the world as clean and green as possible.

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