June 2017 Friday Session: Late, Lamented Loves

Oh yes, this month, June, Friday session is about Late, Lamented Love - hosted by All the brews fit to pint. I first thought: Heck no, lamented love? What's that? So I sat back and thought a little longer. In 2001 I started my studies at the VLB Berlin. On the first day I set with my first 2 colleagues, Daniel and Urs, in front of a small beer shop. My two friends drank a lot of beer, a lot. When I started my studies I never intended to be a quantity drinker, but a quality drinker (which I'm still). The second day passed, and after Prof. Szewzyk's Biology lecture all from the Master Brewer course came together at the Cafe Hardenberg. We drank some beers. Everyone was having a good time.

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The German purity law might be for sale – the diversity of German beers is not

Lautering.net - Blog - Munich Purity Law

The Bavarian purity law has been around since 1516. A pretty long time I think. In 2016, 5 years from now, we will have its 500th anniversary. But in fact the party will not be held in its creation town Ingolstadt. Munich already had its 500 years purity law anniversary, as the Munich purity law is a little older than the Bavarian purity law - since 1487. 500 years is indeed a long time. Let’s take a closer look into it.

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Studienführer zum Brautechnischen Fachstudium an der VLB - TU Berlin

Lautering.net - Blog - Working Manual - VLB Study Material

Über einige Wochen hinweg habe ich an einem kurzen Studienführer zum Brautechnischen Fachstudium an der TU / VLB Berlin geschrieben. Das Ergebnis ist nun online und kann gerne von früheren oder derzeitigen Studenten ergänzt werden. Ein Kommentar auf der jeweiligen Buchseite mit den einzufügenden Ergänzungen / Änderungen genügt. Auch Fragen können über die Kommentare gestellt werden.

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Comparison of studying brewing in Germany

CC by http://www.flickr.com/photos/eschipul

In the old days it wasn’t even not enough to have just a brew master to sign off, you also must have had the right granted by the authorities to brew at a specific place, it was called the "brew right". It was not possible to just open a brewery somewhere, only at places with "brew right" you where able to brew…

There are 4 different places in Germany where you can learn more about Brewing:

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