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Since early June 2014 has been in the stage of upgrade. Lautering runs on Drupal and due to Drupals release livecycle of about 3 to 4 years the end of life for the current release has come near. Even if the life cycle will be extend the software itself will still be outdated. Upgrading a huge site like Lautering comes with a lot of do's and don'ts. The detailed upgrade procedure will be online soon at

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The team is growing - welcome Dave Lozman

Good beer needs to be put forward. As one man alone can’t know all the good stuff out there I’m proud to announce that is teaming up with blogger / beer taster Dave Lozman from Tasting Sensations. Dave is from the UK and will share his reviews and articles with You can also find some of my reviews / articles at his blog.

The Lautering team now consists of 4 beer enthusiasts. If you like what we are doing or want to join the team let us know. We are always looking for new members.

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One map to show them all - welcome the brewery world map - Blog - World brewery map

Lautering has just rolled out the brewery world map. This map lists over 5500 breweries from all over the world, mostly form the US, Europe and Asia. The information was found and verified using mostly Google and the breweries’ websites. During the search process we made sure that data is as current and proper as possible. There were 3 people working for 2 years to get this map together.

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