Celebrate Real Ale With a Beer Festival

Beer Festivals, Real Ale Festivals, Cask Ale Festivals, you see them advertised all the time and they range in size from the national and regional festivals organised by the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) and the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) with hundreds of beers to the more humble local pub showcasing half a dozen ales for its regulars.

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A guide to Irish pubs in Germany

Some days ago Irish-net.de released the Irish pub guide for Germany, a book about Irish pubs, bars and restaurants located in Germany. It carries information about 500 Irish pubs and is printed in waistcoat pocket format. The information is listed using the German zip code system.

Additionaly the Irish pub guide offers information of about Ireland, Folk Festivals, Dates in Germany and Ireland, Ireland apps and much more ...

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How to open a beer bottle the iphone way

OK, I'm not a gadget addict, but I know how awfully it could be if you are standing in the middle of nowhere with a bottle of beer you are craving for and no opener is in sight. Some guys are pretty clever using everything they can get to open a bottle. I saw a show on telly where 3 candidates had to open a crate of beer bottles by using the things the found at the room. Each bottle had to be opened by another item. They basically used knifes, tables, newspapers, and whatever they got in their hands. Pretty amazing.

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