The list to trust - quality control and reliability in the beer scene

Adam Nason has reported a list of beers which were considered to be infected. The information came in over twitter on the 22nd of May at 22:42. Here is the original text:

"A list of craft beers that have been reported as infected over the past few years"

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Camra Beer Guid 2011 erscheint in kürze

am 16ten September bringt CAMRA die neue Auflage des "Good Beer Guides" heraus. Das Werk welches dann in der 38sten Auflage vorliegt gehört laut CAMRA zum meistverkauftesten Ale-Führer Englands. Enhalten sind darin knapp 4500 Pubs und / oder Brauereien samt Beschreibung.

Die Einträge im Führer unterliegen ständiger Kontrolle durch CAMRA Mitglieder, ansonsten ist die Aufnahme in den Führer kostenlos.

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The Beer Brewing Bender

Some of you guys probably watched Futurama, the show about the future, about Fry, and yes, about Bender, the beer drinking robot. Bender Bending Rodríguez is drinking that much beer that ones can get envious. And he even doesn’t get drunk! The question for the brewers is: Why not combining brewing with this favourite futuristic robot? Don't think you can't, because you can!

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