User points at Lautering

The Lautering points system makes is possible to gain points for all kind of things you do at Lautering. See the list below what will bring you points:

  • writing brewery reviews - 2 points
  • writing beer reviews - 5 points
  • adding breweries / beers - 1 point
  • creating forum topics - 1 point
  • inviting new users - 5 points (only if invited user joins)

The more points you get the higher you’ll reach at the Lautering ranking. The higher your ranking the more famous you might get.

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Reviewing breweries data - Blog - Map of European Breweries

Lautering is on its way to get a complete as possible map of all breweries from all over the world together. We are using the breweries websites to verify their data. This is a kind of quality measure and it assures that no fake breweries get in. If there is no website available someone has to vouch for the brewery.

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Interview with Julius Stampfer from JS Maschinen - Blog - Interview with JS Maschinen

My next appointment at the Brau brings me from Brumas to JS Maschinen. The mid-sized company from Bergen/Wang (near Munich) have been selling, producing and repairing machines and appliances for the brewing industry for the last 16 years.

When I arrive at the stand, there is lot going on. The junior manager refers me to the director of the company and soon the discussion is underway.

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