Must see Brewery Flash Website

When I was adding Breweries, mainly from Finland at the moment, I came across the Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas Brewery. Their website is produced entirely in Flash and is totally interactive. From a website developers point of view a "must see" website. The difficulty with Flash pages is that they are impossible to be indexed and searched by search engines...

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The 2 batchflux have been bought now

The 2 Batchflux 5015c, manufactured by Krohne, have now been bought from the Irish company DWN. It has taken a while to get all information from our side together. Basically, as the 5015 is for OEM purpose mainly, we have to get line-size, filling time, etc. send forward to DWN. Once the Batchflux is configured with the given data it is sealed and we are not able to change these settings. The Batchflux will be delivered in early 2009 and we hopefully will be able to connect it properly with the PLC. The price is now about 1400 €, including tax, for one 5015c.

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