Cross Browser Compatibility Upgrade

Since not all internet browsers, and there are many of them, don’t interpret CSS the same I make an effort next week to get up for the majority of them. It is already running in Firefox 3.x / 2.x, Internet Explorer 7, Safari and Opera but it looks really ugly in Internet Explorer 6. Many companies are still using that browser and therefore I’ll run an upgrade.

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At least we got a quote for the Batchflux 5015c

This morning I got a call from DWN, a Cork - Ireland, based company which is connected with Krohne. They told me that there was already information sent out about the Batchflux. I was wondering what's going on. Anyway, I tried to get a price of this guy and he told me something incredibly high. When I confronted him with the German price he told me that some adjustments need to be done. It is correct that the Batchflux needs to be adjusted by the company selling it, but that's within the price.

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The story with the Krohne Batchflux 5015c goes on.

Some days ago we tried to buy two Bachflux 5015c from Krohne. When I placed the order at the German HQ one of their managers Mr Schumacher told me that we have to purchase the Batchflux from their Irish office called DWN. I send them an email to get a quote. I’m still waiting. In the meantime I got the information from Ama Systems, which were very helpful, that the Batchflux will work with their H0-CTRIO.

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Combining a PLC and Krohne Batchflux is pain in the as

Recently we decide to get a Krohne Batchflux, a volumetric sensor counting the litres of beer flown through it. The output of this Batchflux is passive puls which doesn't tell me anything. I contacted Krohne and asked for assistance. The basic questions was if the counter card which could handle frequency input is compatible with the Batchflux. Krohne did confirm but I needed more specific information.

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Bottling fill height isn’t constant

On a 2 head in-line filler with double pre-evacuation and inert gas levelling we have problems getting a constant fill height at 0,5 litre bottles. The unit is started manually for each fill but the entire cycle from start to finish is controlled by a plc unit. Filling time for the bottle is about 6 second which is set by adjusting a needle valve on the filling valve itself and then adjusting the timer control on the plc unit to match. This is where the problem lies in trying to match both the needle valve and the timer correctly resulting in different fill heights.

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