Less beer consumption in UK

According to TV broadcaster N24, less beer is consumed in UK. The same figures were shown for Germany years ago. Actually the all over European trend is downwards. I'm wondering why all this high educated engineers sitting at Educational bodies have no real answer on this trend? They just help to build new breweries but they are no ambassadors anymore, they have lost the ground touch.

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Beer tasting is up and running

Over the weekend I implemented the Beers section, where I'll tast and present beers. Basically I'm starting with the one available to me in the stores. I hope that craft brewers around the world are going to send me their beers so that I can taste and publish them here. It's one beer a week and if some other taster gets in probably 3 a week. Stay tuned.

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Bio is on it's way

When I was walking through a basic bio supermarket I saw a bio beer standing there. It was perfectly clear that this will sooner or later come. The beer is brewed by the "Waldecker LandBier" brewery. They are offering a "Dunkel", "Helles" and a wheat beer. The brewery is located in Twistetal-Elleringhausen, in the near of Kassel (Germany)

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