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The Tring brewery recently added their data to the Lautering network. Time to ask Ben Marston some quesitons.

Nick: You have started in 1992. How many people are now involved in the company?

Ben: It's a relatively small setup (30bb plant), led by two directors, Andrew Jackson and Richard Shardlow. Overseeing office duties is Lynne and out in the brewhouse we have Barry. Terry our main driver is joined by whomever is on rotation as second driver. I head up all marketing communications activity (I was also second brewer on our old site). We then have a host of other folks that handle duties such as managing the shop, handling bright beer orders, cask washing, racking beer...all the things that happen in a brewery. It's fair to say that most people here get involved in a number of duties and they are all excellent at what they do.

Nick: Sounds great, like your beer names. What was the original idea and who does the artwork?

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At the Kürzer Brewery - Blog -

The first written mention of the town of Düsseldorf dates back to 1135. Düsseldorf is well known for its Altbier. The name "Altbier" first appeared in the 19th century to differentiate the beers of Düsseldorf from the new pale lager that emerged all over Germany. Brewers in Düsseldorf used the pale malts that were used for the modern pale lagers, but retained the old ("alt") method of using warm fermenting yeasts.

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The end crowns the work

Schorschbräu won back the Title "Strongest beer in the world" recently. It is time to ask the master brewer Georg Tscheuschner some questions.

Nick: Hi George, first of all: gratulations for conquering back the title. It has taken over a year to get it back from Brewdog. Did they send their regards?

Georg: We haven’t had that much contact. Perhaps we will have the chance to drink a beer together at the Brau Beviale in Nuremburg, Germany.

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Schorschbräu wins back title "Strongest beer of the world" - Blog -

The German microbrewery Schorschbräu is known for brewing (every now and then) the strongest beer in the world. It’s been a nip-and-tuck race between the master brewer Georg Tscheuschner and the scottish brewery Brewdog on who gets to hold this much sought after title. After Brewdog tried to rule off the theme with their „The end of History“, Schorschbräu has now countered with the Schorschbräu Schorschbock 57% finis coronat opus.

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