Keep your passwords safe - Part 2

Transport Secure Layer

When you enter a password at a website you should check if the password is transmitted using SSL. If you are at you will recognize two things: 1. there is an "s" behind the http. That means "secure". 2. You will recognize that "" within your browsers address bar is blue coloured. Blue and green stands for secure. You can click on the blue bar and see the certificate which is used to secure this site.

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Interview with the Kernel Brewery, London - Blog - Kernel Brewery, London

The Kernel Brewery, London, had its 2nd anniversary on the 16th of September 2011. It’s time to make them the featured brewery of the month and ask Evin, the head brewer, some questions.

Nick: Where does the name Kernel come from?

Evin: From the basic building blocks of beer, the barley kernel.

Nick: I see. That’s somehow obvious. I think it’s a good name for brewery. How many people are involved in getting the beer out to the customers? What are their occupations?

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Keep your passwords safe

We are surrounded by passwords. Some of them are obvious, some of them are in our daily use, and others are needed once a month. When you use the ATM you have to give your pin. When you login to your computer you might give your password. If you access e-Mails over a webmailer you will be asked for your password.

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Designing a brewery logo - an insight

The Friday Session LogoThis is the first time I'm taking part in the Friday Session which is hosted by Hop Head Said this month, September 2011.

When I drink a beer I always look at the label to check the
design and especially the logo. Nothing reflects a company more than their logo. Think about Nike or Coca Cola or McDonalds. They are big brands showing their logo wherever they can. Every kid knows them. On the other hand: kids are unable to name trees based on pictures of their leaves.

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