Taking a walk at the Biermeile in Berlin

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Travelling to Berlin is kind of fun. I entered the ICE train in Ingolstadtat 8:14 o'clock and arrived at Berlin central station at 13:35. This time I got the seat right behind the driver. It was amazing to enjoy the ICE3's high speed from this place.

My wife and our friends picked me up from the station and we enjoyed some Thai food before starting the beer tastings or, as my friend put it: "you have to build a good ground for the beer".

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Celebrate Real Ale With a Beer Festival

Beer Festivals, Real Ale Festivals, Cask Ale Festivals, you see them advertised all the time and they range in size from the national and regional festivals organised by the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) and the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) with hundreds of beers to the more humble local pub showcasing half a dozen ales for its regulars.

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Belgian Beer - The History and Background of the Beers of Belgium

In Belgium today there are 125 breweries which are able to produce 500 different kinds of Belgian Beer. Beer has been brewed in Belgium since the Middle Ages when originally it was produced in monasteries only. However today this is a country where the most varieties of beer are brewed and can be drunk.

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A taste of Belgium : short weekend in the European capital of beer

Lautering.net - Blog - a fancy street in Brussels

A short Thalys hop away from Cologne lays Brussels. As you know, Brussels is the capital of the European Union (EU) and probably of beer, too. No other country in the EU brews more different types of beers than the Belgians.

Derived from their long brewing tradition enrooted by the monks they have many different small, mid, and industry sized breweries all across their country. That means that there must be many beers to taste.

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The Lautering.net team is growing - welcome Dave Lozman

Good beer needs to be put forward. As one man alone can’t know all the good stuff out there I’m proud to announce that Lautering.net is teaming up with blogger / beer taster Dave Lozman from Tasting Sensations. Dave is from the UK and will share his reviews and articles with Lautering.net. You can also find some of my reviews / articles at his blog.

The Lautering team now consists of 4 beer enthusiasts. If you like what we are doing or want to join the team let us know. We are always looking for new members.

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