The list to trust - quality control and reliability in the beer scene

Adam Nason has reported a list of beers which were considered to be infected. The information came in over twitter on the 22nd of May at 22:42. Here is the original text:

"A list of craft beers that have been reported as infected over the past few years"

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Numbers are everything - Brauereisterben in the United States - Blog - Closed breweries USA

Some month ago I read a large article about Brauereisterben (breweries dying) in Germany. Nice word, Brauereisterben, isn’t it? I did some research and pulled some data from different resources, (ok I don’t want to get into details) and did some counting and calculation.

If you take a closer look at the situation in North America, especially in the United States, you will find the Brauereisterben you can’t find in Germany.

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Home Brewing Beer: How to Make a Yeast Starter for Optimal Wort Fermentation

Home brewing beer is more successful if fermentation is conducted with healthy yeast from a yeast starter. The yeast population can also be grown to an optimal quantity. This allows the yeast to complete the fermentation without undue stress, producing the desired beer appearance, aroma, flavor and body. Making a starter brings your yeast to optimum health and increases the yeast population to an appropriate level.

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One map to show them all - welcome the brewery world map - Blog - World brewery map

Lautering has just rolled out the brewery world map. This map lists over 5500 breweries from all over the world, mostly form the US, Europe and Asia. The information was found and verified using mostly Google and the breweries’ websites. During the search process we made sure that data is as current and proper as possible. There were 3 people working for 2 years to get this map together.

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