The German purity law might be for sale – the diversity of German beers is not - Blog - Munich Purity Law

The Bavarian purity law has been around since 1516. A pretty long time I think. In 2016, 5 years from now, we will have its 500th anniversary. But in fact the party will not be held in its creation town Ingolstadt. Munich already had its 500 years purity law anniversary, as the Munich purity law is a little older than the Bavarian purity law - since 1487. 500 years is indeed a long time. Let’s take a closer look into it.

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The Rise of the Nano Breweries!

While the above title might be reminiscent of bad sci-fi movies or sound like something straight out of a quantum physics lab, neither interpretation is right. Nano breweries are the newest trend in the craft brew world, and are going to be a force to contend with in coming years. So, what the heck is a nano brewery and why should it matter to you?

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Is Organic Beer Better For Your Health?

When it comes to beer drinkers, it might appear that they aren't thinking about their health when they have their favorite beer in hand. But things really aren't that way, you know that if you enjoy an occasional beer. The trend is to eat healthier and that's everywhere - including Beer. With the new beers on the market, everyone seems to be asking, "is organic beer better for your health?". We'll try to uncover that mystery today.

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