About Lautering.net - craft beer reviews for brewers, beer enthusiasts and beer drinkers

Lautering is described as "a process in brewing beer in which the mash is separated into the clear liquid wort and the residual grain". That's what we do at Lautering: we separate high quality beers from the average by writing high quality reviews of beers from microbreweries and small craft breweries from continental Europe - and of course from the rest of the world.

Algorithm to determine the quality

Currently we have the following algorithm in place to determine a beers overall quality

((a + b + c)/3)n + dn) / 2 = rating.

Where a = Appearance, b = Taste, c = Flavour, d = Average of all reviews
With that Algorithm we make sure that reviews, which take a lot of effort to write and compose, are taken equally into account with ratings, which can be written much faster. 


Lautering was designed and built by Dominik Jais. Dominik Jais is a German master brewer with decades of experience in web development. He is partly owner of Chase & Snow OY, a company that delivers high quality website.