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Truly a king under the Mochaccinos of beer
Rated10.00 / 10

There are those days. You open a bottle of beer and it is sour. Happened to me with a Hiisi with its best before date still some days to go. (happens to me with other bottled beers from micro breweries rather often actually).

Altstathof Rotbier bottle and in a glass
Rated2.00 / 10

For Christmas I got a nice package of different beers from the Nürnberg Area. In November I went there and shopped at the Bierothek, a bottle shop. I had a very nice discussion with their sales person about the KBS and left the shop with 6 beers. 

Neito Golden Ale poured from a bottle
Rated2.00 / 10

As you might remember I had an IPA from the Mustan Virran Panimo some time ago. It wasn't that good and as I had another one from them in my stash I opened it and.

Pässi IPA bottle and in a glass
Rated2.00 / 10

Some months ago I had Mustan Virran Panimo's Grand Cru, which I liked. I thought it was time for another one. I looked into my stash (which had grown again) and got their IPA. Due date was still in range. I was very enthusiastic.

Rye Candy Red Ale - or what is left of it
Rated2.00 / 10

Ok, I keep this review brief and short this time. If you have read my review of the Rock Kivi Lager you might remember that I had problems with its best before date. On this one the best before date really needs to be moved one or even two month down.

Bottle of Rock Paper Scissors Lager from Kuopio
Rated4.00 / 10

On my trip to Savonlinna I also stopped for two days in Kuopio. There I bought some of the local produced beers, especially the Rock Kivi (Lager), which according to the bottle label is a dry-hopped lager, which I was intrigued to buy because of the funny label.