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This statement discloses the privacy practices and policies for the website. If you have any questions about these practices and policies, please email us at 

Website Cookies & Tracking

Our website uses a few cookies. First of all we keep a session cookie, which is a small text file, allowing us to distinguish you from other users.

On some pages at we embedded content from another website, for example YouTube, Twitter or Facebook. You maybe sent cookies from these websites. We don’t actually control these cookies. 

We don't sell the information collected by cookies, nor do we disclose the information to third parties. 

We also use Matomo Analytics, which sets a small cookie file on your computer browser. This cookie stores no personal information about you and will keep a track of how you browse our website. Your IP will be anonymized. We use this anonymous information to help us further improve the website. Matomo adheares to the "Do not track"-standard. If your browser doesn't support "Do not track" your are able to opt-out here:


In order to use some features of this website registration is necessary. During the registration process you have to provide a valid e-mail address. We don't share your e-mail address with 3rd parties. -> REGISTRATION IS CURRENTLY NOT POSSIBLE


We offer a newsletter that occassionally gets sent (not more than once a month). We use Mailchimp for the newsletter. Their privacy policy is at .

Contact form

The information you provide by using the contact form is solemly used to get in contact with you.


At we use different video providers. Those providers might place their own tracking and they have their own privacy policy. Youtubes' is at Vimeos' is at


At some parts of Lautering we offer the possibility to share your thoughts by comments. In order to publish a comment we need your e-mail address. This is mandatory. The used e-mail address will only by visible to us and is only used at the comment or to get in contact with you if your comment needs clarification.

Log files

Our hoster has access to the servers logfiles. In that logfiles all for the webserver necessary information is stored, for example your IP, your browser type and version, whether or not a connection was made, etc. Those logfiles are kept for some time and in case of violation of law they will be handed out.

Ad Words / Search

We are using Ad Words and the Gooogle search to display advertisment. Google has its own Privacy Policy at


We use Google to gcode the addresses displayed at the breweries. By that the address is transmitted to Google and then send back to us as gcode. We use OpenStreetmap, an OpenSource tool, to display map data.