Saku Antvärk Cherry Brew - Saku Antvärk

And then there was a deja-vu - Saku Antvärk Cherry Brew

Saku Antvärk Cherry Brew

After the second beer from Estonia  that mainly gave foam I guessed that this "feature" came from the shaky waves during the ship transfer. Luckily after I poured the Cherry Brew there was beer, so we have to watch Back to the Future III another day. 

When I opened the bottle I had a deja-vu. I found myself back in the 80s opening a Cherry Coke can, having a conversation with Max Headrom about the term craft beer. But after all that nonsense there was just one flavour, one flavour to rule them all, one flavour that thrones on the iron throne of artificial flavours: Cherry. From the first nip to the last the flavour was dominated by cherry. And if that was not enough there is sweetness, and we are not talking nice sweetness as in sugar or honey, we are talking Coke Zero sweetness. Yes, that bad. 

If it wasn't for the sake of tasting beers one after another this is one those I'd rather had skipped. 


The beer was poured from a bottle
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1 out of 5
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Alc: 4.50% Vol.
Type: Belgian
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Brewed in: Estonia
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