Grüner Helles in a Glass

Blame it on the barkeeper

Grüner Hell

I recently went to Nuremburg to stay for 2 days and do some Christmas shopping. I had to check for winter gloves and other stuff. So while in the city center we had a stop at a bar for a beer. I ordered the Helles on the tap which was the Grüner Helles. Helles is traditionally served in Bavaria so I guessed it was a good choice, and I had only heard compliments about it.

The Grüner came in a glass and showed a very fine and very stable white foam, which is something I really appreciate in a Helles or Pilsen type beer. The first nip went down very smooth. I noticed a light sweat body in the beginning, a mild bitterness in the middle and a light harsh bitterness at the end. It is a very pleasant tasting beer. A light caramel note supports the decent hoppy aroma.

A beer I'd really could drink a lot of. But not in that bar. Their carbonation was that high that the beer nearly found its way out of my nose. Let's say we blame it on the barkeeper.

The beer was poured from a keg
Purity of Taste:
/ 10 | 1 = many off flavours ; 10 = sheer
Purity of Smell:
/ 10 | 1 = many off-flavours ; 10 = sheer
Intensity of Bitterness:
/ 5 | 1 = no bitterness ; 5 = bitter
Quality of Bitterness:
/ 10 | 1 = no quality ; 10 = high quality
/ 10 | 1 = no quality ; 10 = high quality
/ 5 | 1 = water ; 5 = masty
/ 5 | 1 = flat ; 5 = too tangy

Lautered: 8.00 out of 10
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Tasted beer:

Alc: 4.90% Vol.
Type: Helles
Brewed by: Tucher Bräu
Brewed in: Germany