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an Extra Strong Bitter from Finland - Huvila ESB

Huvila E.S.B.

ESB stands for Extra Strong Bitter and is a brand name in the UK. That’s why I’m referring to Extra Strong Bitter and don’t use the abbreviation.

The first Extra Strong Bitter I had is the one I’m writing about. It’s called Huvila E.S.B., which comes from Finland and has an alcohol content of 5.2 % at 48 EBU. From the 48 EBU you can imagine that this one will be bitter. The ones of you who have ever tasted pure hop extract might know what bitterness means. You can taste it by putting your finger in the extract can (on your own risk). It’s a kind of experience you will probably remember forever. But on the other hand 48 EBU isn’t that much. There are some brewers brewing beers above 100 EBU. Wikipedia states that the “Extra Strong” in “Extra Strong Bitter” stands for the higher alcohol content.

Still clueless about what it will taste like I poured the bottle into the glass and nipped of the foam. Its head retention is good. That’s ok so far, but still doesn’t give me a clue. Protein stability and fatty compounds can be achieved by nearly everyone who is willing to learn or use the right ingredients. Ok, at this point I had to stick my nose into it, deep enough to find them all, the fruits, the malt, the caramel (not much) and the acetaldehydes. Man, they can’t hide.

Taking the first nip made my mouth go funny. The impressions mixed up. This one is clearly warming and bitter while it also stays sweet and alkaline. All mine. The second nip brings the bitterness clearer to the surface and it stays nearly forever. You can’t deny the 48 EBU.

Well balanced and well done.

The beer was poured from a bottle
Purity of Taste:
/ 10 | 1 = many off flavours ; 10 = sheer
Purity of Smell:
/ 10 | 1 = many off-flavours ; 10 = sheer
Intensity of Bitterness:
/ 5 | 1 = no bitterness ; 5 = bitter
Quality of Bitterness:
/ 10 | 1 = no quality ; 10 = high quality
/ 10 | 1 = no quality ; 10 = high quality
/ 5 | 1 = water ; 5 = masty
/ 5 | 1 = flat ; 5 = too tangy

Lautered: 8.00 out of 10
About the reviewer:
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Tasted beer:

Alc: 4.70% Vol.
Type: Extra Strong Bitter
Brewed by: Malmgårdin Panimo
Brewed in: Finland