Pyynikin Dammer Pils

It's all about the yeast - Pyynikin Dammer Pils

Pyynikin Dammer Pils

It was one of those days. One of those days nothing really works and you got totally exhausted by all kinds of work. And there is only one thing you are looking for at the end: a damn good refreshing beer. 

I checked the fridge and there it was, shining at me with bold white letters: A Pils, to be specific the Pyynikin Dammer Pils. I took it, poured it into a a glass and the first thing I noticed: yeast. Basically I got a unfiltered Pils in front of me and therefore the first questions was: what da hack is that? 

I took a first nip and I got a dejavu. I found myself back at the SOPP2017 talking to the brewmaster about his shitty Pils he brewed. But I wasn't at the SOPP. I was at home and the Pils nightmare continued. To be on the safe side I checked the best before date again: still many months left. So... The flavor pattern was totally off. I got the hops but they were shadowed by the yeast. 

The Pils is a unforgiving beer type. You can't hide any failures. And this one had a huge one: yeast. 

So, this was one those days really nothing works. Time to go to bed. 


The beer was poured from a bottle
Purity of Taste:
/ 10 | 1 = many off flavours ; 10 = sheer
Purity of Smell:
/ 10 | 1 = many off-flavours ; 10 = sheer
Intensity of Bitterness:
/ 5 | 1 = no bitterness ; 5 = bitter
Quality of Bitterness:
/ 10 | 1 = no quality ; 10 = high quality
/ 10 | 1 = no quality ; 10 = high quality
/ 5 | 1 = water ; 5 = masty
/ 5 | 1 = flat ; 5 = too tangy

Lautered: 2.00 out of 10
About the reviewer:
Dominik Jais's picture Dipl.-Braumeister (VLB Berlin) Dominik Jais is beer enthusiast writing beer reviews since 2001.
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Tasted beer:

Alc: 4.70% Vol.
Type: Pils
Brewed by: Pyynikin Käsityöläispanimo
Brewed in: Finland