Mathildedalin Kantaja NZ Porter

NZ stands for New Zealand - Mathildedalin Kantaja NZ Porter

Mathildedalin Kantaja

Some time ago I wrote a review about the Mathildedalin Kevät. They impressed me with their unique style. To everyone I was drinking beer with I told about that beer and that the Mathildedalin Kyläpanimo is on the way of redefining the Finnish beer identity.

Anyway. I got another one of their brews from Alko some time ago. It was sitting at my stash and smiling at me: "please drink me, please, please". It was the time to give in. 

I'm actually a huge fan of porter. I already drunk some porters while I was an apprentice at the Fürstliches Brauhaus Wallerstein. A friend of mine got some from East Germany and shared them with me. It was a welcome variety I missed in those sometimes boring German standard beers. 

I poured it from a bottle (nice label design) into my VLB glass and took a first nip. Pretty malty character in the nose, but only some of it on the tongue. Texture is pretty delicate, pretty fine. While we have the malty, sweet, light chocolate character in the beginning, we have the bitterness at the end. And from the beginning to the end I'm missing one thing: malt. It is simply not there or only hiding till found.

For a porter it is pretty light but perhaps that's why it is called a New Zealand porter. While the malt is absent one thing is pretty present: alcohol. The 4.5% are pretty dominant because the body is too light. Also because the body seems to be that light carbonation is too strong. 

Guess I try another one. 


The beer was poured from a bottle
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2 out of 5
About the reviewer:
Dipl.-Braumeister (VLB Berlin) Dominik Jais is beer enthusiast writing beer critics since 2001.
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Tasted beer:

Alc: 4.50% Vol.
Type: Porter
Brewed by: Mathildedalin Kyläpanimo
Brewed in: Finland
Average: 2 (1 vote)