The American way of life - Nokian Route 66 APA

The American way of life - Nokian Route 66 APA

Keisari 66 APA

My beer stash from the purchase at the Nokian Panimo is nearly coming to an end. There are still 2 left, besides the Route 66 APA. I have been to America twice in the last years, created a photo documentation, but I haven't had a chance to travel the famous Route 66. So I could only imagine how a beer dedicated to it would taste like. 

Until now, as I have such a beer in my hands: I can smell and taste the beer, and write a review of course. I opened the can and poured it into a glass. It's comes with a nice hopnote with a lot of spiciness and citrusy fruit in it. I guess it is the Tomahawk hops that induce that spicy & fruity character. First nip goes down very well. Mouthfullness is as I would have expected it from an American Pale Ale. The spiciness drops pretty fast while the bitterness stays. I would have prefered a longer lasting taste of the spiciness and fruity character. It is very well balanced in terms of CO2, but what else would you expect from the Nokian Panimo, they know their trade. 

It is a very decent crafted beer. Someone could feel the adventure already rolling. More of it please!

The beer was poured from a keg
Purity of Taste:
/ 10 | 1 = many off flavours ; 10 = sheer
Purity of Smell:
/ 10 | 1 = many off-flavours ; 10 = sheer
Intensity of Bitterness:
/ 5 | 1 = no bitterness ; 5 = bitter
Quality of Bitterness:
/ 10 | 1 = no quality ; 10 = high quality
/ 10 | 1 = no quality ; 10 = high quality
/ 5 | 1 = water ; 5 = masty
/ 5 | 1 = flat ; 5 = too tangy

Lautered: 8.00 out of 10
About the reviewer:
Dominik Jais's picture Dipl.-Braumeister (VLB Berlin) Dominik Jais is beer enthusiast writing beer reviews since 2001.
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Tasted beer:

Alc: 4.20% Vol.
Type: American Ale
Brewed by: Nokian panimo
Brewed in: Finland