The single hops approach - Single Hop Citra

The single hops approach - Single Hop Citra

Single Hop Citra

When I went to a party with friends I packed two beers form Savonlinna. I got them while visiting the city in the east of Finland some months ago. Of course they were not the only two beers I bought. I love the Finnish bottle shops. Therefore there will be a lot of reviews of beers from Savonlinna coming up.

But let's start with the Single Hop Citra. The name is easily derived, it simply states what hop is used: the Citra. Citra is a hop developed in 2007 by the Hop Breeding Company of Yakima, Washington, USA. It is well known for its citric flavour, hence the name. It is also known for being used in IPA's due to its fairly high Alpha Acid content. 

With that in mind, what would you expect? I guess a beer with a pretty strong bitterness, probably a bitterness that stays a little longer at the end. I also think of a light body like in a Pilsen type.

The question is: how was it? I got a nice white foam on top of light turbid golden liquid. Foam didn't stay for that long, but ok enough. Flavour is fruity, citric and floral. First nip goes down well. The bitterness is all over the place. It also stays pretty long at the end. The malt character is not emphasised but also not missing.

A refreshing beer that can be drunk at many occations. Goes well with many types of food. 

The beer was poured from a bottle
Purity of Taste:
/ 10 | 1 = many off flavours ; 10 = sheer
Purity of Smell:
/ 10 | 1 = many off-flavours ; 10 = sheer
Intensity of Bitterness:
/ 5 | 1 = no bitterness ; 5 = bitter
Quality of Bitterness:
/ 10 | 1 = no quality ; 10 = high quality
/ 10 | 1 = no quality ; 10 = high quality
/ 5 | 1 = water ; 5 = masty
/ 5 | 1 = flat ; 5 = too tangy

Lautered: 6.00 out of 10
About the reviewer:
Dominik Jais's picture Dipl.-Braumeister (VLB Berlin) Dominik Jais is beer enthusiast writing beer reviews since 2001.
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Tasted beer:

Alc: 4.60% Vol.
Type: India Pale Ale (IPA)
Brewed by: Waahto Brewery
Brewed in: Finland