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The Helles is back - Tasting - Wettelsheimer Helles

During the Easter weekend we stayed in Bavaria. I went to one of the beverage stores and bought about 14 different mostly local brewed beers. The first one I’m going to taste is one from the brewery Wettelsheim. It is a Helles and called Wettelsheimer Helles.

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Riedenburger Helles - Tasting - Riedenburger Helles

Bei dem zu verkostenden Bier handelt es sich um ein Helles der Riedenburger Brauerei. Der Schaum bleibt nach dem Einschenken aus der kühl gelagerten Flasche sehr lange bestehen. Vom Geruch her gibt es nichts zu bemängeln. Ein leicht ölig, grasige Note war festzustellen. Der erste Antrunk hinterläßt einen leicht bitteren und betont malzigen Geschmack, wie es sich für ein gutes Helles gehört. Leider bleibt ein etwas astringierender "breiter" Geschmack über längere Zeit bestehen. Ein typisch bayrisches Helles mit einem guten Körper und malzigen Aroma.

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Helles Kellerbier - Tasting - Helles Kellerbier

Got 6 beers of that brewery as present from my brothers. The first one I tasted is this one. It comes in a 0,5 liter clipclop bottle, which is pretty cool. For the bottle check the images.

The beer was stored cooled, served at about 7°C. The foam is in the beginning very strong, seems like high protein fractions, and stable over a period of time. Its smell is clear, malty. Its mouthefullness is warming. Tastes a little bitter. That's what I expect of a Helles.

I can't wait to check the next one...

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Borbecker Helles Dampfbier - Tasting - Dampfe - Helles Dampfbier

On the 29th of Mai 2009 we were sitting at the Brauhaus Dampfe in Essen. I've ordered a Helles of their varietie of beers. The beer was served at a cool temperature in a 0,5 liter glas. The first impression from it's smell was okay but after a while of compensation of the malt smell I could clearly smell butter. The first impression from the taste: bitter, much to bitter and besides that it tasted oxidised. The bitternes was very rought and lingering. From my point of view it was to masty for a Helles which is suppose to be more like a pils or lager. Freshness was ok.

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