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The small red one - Altstadthof Rotbier

Altstathof Rotbier bottle and in a glass

For Christmas I got a nice package of different beers from the Nürnberg Area. In November I went there and shopped at the Bierothek, a bottle shop. I had a very nice discussion with their sales person about the KBS and left the shop with 6 beers. 

The first one from the Christmas package I opened was Altstadthof's Rotbier. I liked their rustic style and so I gave it a try.

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Rock Paper Scissors - A lager from Kupio

Bottle of Rock Paper Scissors Lager from Kuopio

On my trip to Savonlinna I also stopped for two days in Kuopio. There I bought some of the local produced beers, especially the Rock Kivi (Lager), which according to the bottle label is a dry-hopped lager, which I was intrigued to buy because of the funny label. Best before date was still 5 days due. So I thought it would be a good time to give it a try.

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Munich is in Finland - Keisari Münchner Premium

Nokian Panimo Keisari Münchner Premium beer can

When we visited the Nokian Panimo for its 25 years anniversary we had the opportunity to buy their beers for a discount price. We basically bought one beer from each of theirs. When we got the IBCs for our biogas plant delivered I gave one away as present. So it is now the time to start reviewing one after another. I start with the Keisari Münchner.

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the spelt side of beer - Malmgårdin Dinkel - Tasting - Malmgårdin Dinkel

When Lars Bender (anyone did know him before?) scored the 2:1 against Denmark I opened Malmgårdin Dinkel and thanked the football god for his good will.

As I haven't had a good Danish beer in my stash (are there any?) I took the next one from somewhere in the north. To my surprise it was one brewed with spelt. As far as I know there are not that many beers around brewed with Triticum aestivum subsp. spelta.

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Drinking for goals - Stallhagen III - Tasting - Stallhagen III

It’s UEFA EM 2012. I mostly follow the Germans team. Whenever Germany scores a goal I open a bottle of beer. When Podolski (he had is 100th international match on that day) scored the first goal against Denmark I opened of Stallhagen. It’s a Stallhagen III which I bought in Finland some month ago. Its best before date was still valid and though it went into the glass fast.

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