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From Finland with love - Stallhagen Delikat - Tasting - Stallhagen Delikat

Finland is the land of the great lakes, woods and of course, of snow. It is the land of great directors and movies. On the 4th of April, some days before Easter, a Finish movie called Iron Sky will be aired in theaters. In order to understand the story you have to drink as much beer as you can or smoke tons of pot or do both at the same time: In 1945 the Nazis discovered anti-gravity and went to the dark side of the moon. In 2018 they will come back…

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No snow in Finland for Christmas 2012 - Tasting - Urho III

Do you know Finland? Ever been there? If not you might not miss that much. It's cold, most of the time dark and beer is expensive. On the other hand the girls are pretty and the beer is awesome. Though I suggest to go there. It's a really nice country. This year they might have a black christmas. Yeah; global warming is everywhere.

On my last trip to Tampere, Finland, I brought an Urho III with me. As my stash of beer has somehow grown over the month it wasn't be expected to be drunk soon. But the best before date showed only some days left and so I gave it a go.

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To lager or not to lager - Laiskajaakko - Tasting - Laiskajaakko

We where sitting in the Teerenpeli bar in Tampere, Finnland, while tasting this beer. The background music was ok, the weather wasn't. I guess its the best time and situation to drink a beer.

The Laiskajaakko is a lager. It came with a nice white foam on a amber to dark body. I put my nose onto the glass, actually a little to far. Had some laughings on my side then.

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With the dregs - Onnepekka from Teerenpeli - Tasting -

Once or twice a year I'm going to stay a day in Tampere, Finland. I'm mostly there for watching a movie, having a nice time with my wife, enjoying ourself and of course one to three beers. In Tampere you could find the Teerenpelli bar, the outlet of the Teerenpelli beers. The have all there permanent beers they brew on the tap and if you are lucky they have some seasonal as well. The weather wasn't that good therefore we went inside the bar.

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Kuohu Vaalea Lager - Tasting - Kuohu Vaalea Lager

While having a small picnic at a nice finish summer day I tried a Kuohu lager. The beer has about 4.7 % alcohol. The serving temperature was about 8°C. It was poured from a can. The foam wasn’t that stable, it actually collapsed very fast. The first smell wasn’t that good. It had a kind of production smell in it. I also recognised strawberries and apricot, which is a bit unusual for a lager. That’s more the typical flavours of ale. The taste was good. It had a good mouth fullness, that’s what I expect from an industrial brewed lager.

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Nikolai Tumma Lager - Tasting - Nikolai Tumma Lager

The Nikolai Tumma Lager is a special lager brewed after a receipt from Brew master Nikolai Sinebrychoff. That’s what the can stated or what can be combined reading the can. The beer was stored at cool temperatures. When it was served it had about 8°C. No aroma failure where detected. First impression from the taste was not that pleasant. It had no body at all, though I consider it as very thin with a malt taste. Bitterness was detected but I found it rather unpleasant. Ok, this was definitely not my beer or at least not what I expect from a Lager from Brew master.

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