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Keisari Munchener Premium - Tasting - Keisari Münchener Premium

The foam disappeared very fast after pured in from a can stored at well temperature. The flavour found was a little like fresh straw but no off-flavours found. The malt character which was found in the aroma was ok for a munich style beer. From my personal point of view it was overemphasised. The bitterness was of good quality where bitterness itself was low, considering the 29 EBU the beer has. The overall impression was definitely good. A well worked Munich Style Beer.

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Onnenpekka - Tasting - Terempelli

When we were in Tampere, Finland, we enjoyed an evening at the Teerenpeli Bar / Restaurant. I was having two beers which both were brewed by the Teerenpeli Brewery, a brewery in Lahti. The evening was very amusing where the following beer wasn't at all:

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