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Wettelsheimer Wet is a decent pils - Tasting - Wettelsheimer Wet

The Wettelsheimer Wet is the second beer from the Wettelsheimer brewery I got on the table. It comes in a green 0.3l bottle (which is out of the ordinary as all other beers from the Wettelsheimer brewery are in 0.5l). The name Wet which is a short version of WETtelsheim reminds me on the pop band Wet Wet Wet. If the beer will be or is as famouse as this band I might got a nice beer in front of me.

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Landfürst Bier - Tasting - Landfürst Bier

The Landfürst Beer is brewed for drinklog GmbH. Means that this beer is not handcrafted. Its a typical pilsen type bottom fermented beer with nearly no characteristics. It's the kind of product which makes it impossible to distinguish it from other of its kind. Consider it as a beer that goes with pizza or a hamburger but not with something special.

We shouldn’t forget that there are many points where industrial brewed beers differ from handcrafted. From the quality point of view this beer is produced well.

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Laitilan Kukko Pils III - Tasting - Laitilan Kukko Pils III

We got the Laitilan Kukko Pils III poured from a can. The can was kept cool at 7°C. Its smell was totally out off the normal: It smelled like eggs / sulphur. I looked at the best before date and found nothing unusual. Suspiciously I took a first gulp after I waited a very short period for the foam to collapse. The first impression: It basically had no body. The amount of bitterness was enough for a pilsen type beer but not to qualify for a good pilsner. The quality of the bitterness was good in the beginning but astringent at the end. The bitterness kept hanging for some time.

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Eschenbräu Pils - Tasting - Eschenbräu Berlin - Pils

Unter den schönen Eichen im Biergarten der Eschenbräu Berlin lässt sich so manches Bier genießen. Zur Verkostung stand ein naturtrübes Pils an. Dies wird in einem Glaskrug serviert. Eine schöne Schaumkrone sitzt auf dem rot gelb glänzenden Gerstensaft auf. Der erste Andruck erweckt den Eindruck der Mastigkeit. Die nächsten Schlücke bestätigen es. Fehlgerüche sind nicht festzustellen. Das Pils schmeckt malzig. Eine Bittere ist so gut wie nicht vorhanden.

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Moritz Fiege Pils - Tasting - Moritz Fiege Pils

Wohl temperiert mit einem guten schönen Schaum kommt das Moritz Fiege Pils in einem 0,5 l Glas zu Tisch. Der Geruch ist rein, es sind keine Fehlgerüche auffindbar. Der erste Antrunk ist lecker und macht Appetit auf mehr. Der Geschmack ist rein, gekennzeichnet von einer guten Hopfenbittere und Hopfenaroma. Das Pils ist frisch und spritzig und man wünscht sich viele Pilsner Biere von diesem Charakter.

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Rüttenscheider Keller - Tasting -

We have been to the Rüttenscheidter Hausbrauerei. The brewery is located in the near of S-Bahn station Martinstraße in the cellar of a huge building. We ordered 2 x 0,5 liter Rüttenscheidter Keller which is, according to their website, a pilsen type beer. The beers were served in a stein. First impression of smell was pure but after some time I detected some traces of yeast like smell. The taste was ok for a pilsen type beer. It wasn't to bitter. While thinking about the bitterness my impression was that it was more the taste of the yeast then that of the hops.

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