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Ruhrpott Pils

The beer was tasted at the Brauhaus Graf Beust in Essen, Germany. It was served in a 0.3 liter Pilsen glas. The foam was nice and the color, it was a fitlered beer, was perfect gold. The first smell I got was full of Diacetyl. The taste was very buttery. From my point of view this beer was not fermented very well. The smell of Diacetyl made it nearly impossible to keep on drinking. Diacetyl totaly destroys the impression, that's why I'm giving a 2. I will have a second tasting some weeks from now giving the "Ruhrpott Pils" a second chance.

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Pinkus Pils

Pinkus Pils Organic Beer

The beer was bought at a Basic supermarket and stored cold. It was pured in a fresh cleaned glas. The beers temperature during tasting was at about 5°C.

The Pilsen type beer brewed in accordance with the German purity law using organic raw materials is a well balanced beer. It's not to fizzy nor to flat. I personally think that there is not enough bitternes to call it a pils. It tastes more like a Baverian Helles.

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