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Some thoughts about gypsy and brand brewing on the example Brewcats

Brewcats Aito Black IPA

Some weeks ago Lumia went to Tampere for a business event. She brought me back a special bottle: an „Aito IPA“, which was brewed by Brewcats in conjunction with Hopping Brewsters. Hopping Brewsters seems to be very popular among nostalgia loving folks, mostly at those that like the 1920s. Hopping Brewsters concept, all their imageries and designs are made to attract them. They are also kind of creative when it comes to naming their beers.

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The bottle doesn't make the beer - Kukko IPA

Kukko IPA - Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas

I don't know why companies are still pushing into the IPA market. This market is done and gone. It peaked some time ago and is now on a steady decline. Who wants to drink a overhopped bitter beer anyway? Guys above 50 that can't smell and taste anything else than bitterness?

But, my 50 cents about IPAs doesn't interfere with my professionalism on writing a review.

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Brewdogs Punk IPA - no punk no funk

Brewdogs Punk IPA - no punk no funk

First a grapefruit flavor comes to my nose before I could take the first sip. This flavour makes me kind of curious about this IPA. Its taste is very hoppy, actually fruity as well, but also kind of fizzy. Even seems like the beer is bubbling out of my nose.

Don't we forget the foam stability - which is some 25 to 30 seconds? Not really stable, huh?

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