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The Kameleon Donker - Tasting - The Kameleon Donker

Buying beers is an easy thing. You go to the shop get a beer, pay and you are done. With more choice the time to select a beer takes more time. With an endless possibility of choice it might even take longer.

I usually buy just one beer after another without looking at the label. For me the name of a company doesn't count. Small companies could produce good beers, industry could as well. Just depends on the personal taste.

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Kwak - Fruity Beer in Brussels - Tasting Kwak

I’ll confess: I really like this beer, but this was only the second time I ever tasted it. It’s not a beer you get in a German supermarket, so it’s not something I get to drink often. That makes the rare trips to Belgium even nicer: knowing I can always have a fresh Kwak.

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In honour to Pauwel Kwak I raise my glass - Tasting - Kwak beer

Kwak beer is named after its developer Pauwel Kwak. It’s probably a typical Belgian beer with an alcohol content of about 8.4 % abv. brewed by the family brewery Bosteels. The glass it is served in is specially formed – like an hour glass, so that it can be stored at top of a stagecoach’s coachbox.

We got the beer at a nice beer garden in the middle of Brussels. I guess it’s the only beer garden in the city centre. It took quite a while to get the beer but it was worth it.

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The winter is not yet over - Pakkaspaavo from Teerenpeli - Tasting -

While looking at the bottle I noticed that this beer was already about 2 ½ months beyond its best before date. This review might therefore not be accurate, but as the beer tasted OK, I gave it a shot. The Teerenpeli "Pakkaspaavo2 is also called "winter beer". I’m not yet sure how I would classify it. I hope we know more at the end of this review. Once it is safely poured from the fridge into the glass I find its colour very blackish dark (probably only Guinness is darker) According to the bottle label its alcohol content is about 4.7%.

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McGraths Irish Red - Tasting - Irish Red

The 2nd beer released by the Clanconnel Brewing Company is an Irish Red. (For our German readers: It’s an ale). The name serves the colour perfectly. Once poured in the white foam stays for a long time on the head of the dark red liquid. Its malty, sweet, caramel smell is very impressive. I haven’t detected any off-flavours in the first and second run. Basically I’m not wondering about it, as Mark puts a high emphasis on very good quality. Its taste is a little different from what I was expecting from the smell. The body of the ale is little metallic and alkaline and very dry at the end.

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Weavers Gold - Tasting - Weavers Gold

Mark, owner of the Clanconnel Brewery, send me over a bottle of his first beer "Weavers Gold". Poured into a glas the beer comes with a strong foam and its head retention is stable for a long time. Its colour lives up to its name; it's golden. The smell is estery, fruity (mainly apple and citrus), floral and a little bit oily. Overall said: the smell of honey. Its mouthfeel is astringent and after some time dry. The beer is well balanced, has a good body and a perfect tingle.

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